Build Your Own Lunches for the Kiddos

Build Your Own Lunches for the Kiddos

Happy October! I know that SO many parents dread making lunches! I have to be completely honest and start by saying that my husband, Jeremy, is the king of our mornings — he takes on the role of making sure we are all out the door at the time we are supposed to be and lunch in hand!  But, with that he does travel a fair bit so sometimes I do prepare lunches.  Some of those travel days I have wins and some days we are just getting by!  Either way mama you are doing a GREAT JOB!  I wanted to share a quick easy winning lunch that my kids love.  The girls are so intrigued by lunchables and they have tried them but didn’t like them but like the build your own concept.  So, I took that and ran with it — giving us this …

Nothing fabulous and fancy but they loved it -- Build your own cracker pizzas.  We included crackers, shredded cheese, mini pepperonis and then a small tupperware of sauce.  On the side they got a fruit as well.  We used these Bento sytle boxes from amazon which we upgraded to this year from the Yumbox style Bento box we were using when they were smaller. 
One thing I do love to do when I make their lunches is include one of these pre bought lunch box notes -- it tells a fact and a joke and the girls do love them.  They are much more appreciated by Jordyn now that she can read - ha!

With that they are all packed up and ready to head to school...

And then we have those days we are just putting something in the bag and getting by -- ha!  For when we do have those days I try to keep somewhat healthier options included as well.  The girls are VERY different in their eating habits but if you have one that likes cocount the Greenwise coconut bars from Publix have been a huge hit.  With both girls they love the PB&J bars from Trader Joes.  


We all struggle and get in a rut from time to time so just thought I would share this quick and easy tip and some products that work for us.  What is your kiddos favorite lunch?

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My son eats peanut butter sandwich everyday … so boring. My daughter however likes a lot of variety from salads, to tea sandwiches like cucumber/cream cheese, tuna salad, chicken salad, Cuban sandwich, nutella and fluff, to pepperoni,salami and cheese with crackers


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