Decorating with Megan....

Decorating with Megan....

How to decorate your tree for the holidays!

It’s a week before Thanksgiving and some crazy people -Jackie Parker- already have their house decorated for the holidays!! Decorating a tree can be quite the task! Just the ribbon placement can be daunting. I know, I have a 12 ft tree that my husband complains about putting up every year. I love my very tall giant tree! Strands of lights have burnt out and its a pain to store it but I’m never getting rid of it!! This picture is from last year!

This one takes forever to decorate because of the height. And unlike Jackie I don't have my decor up yet! So I am decorating my new 6 ft potted flocked tree for this blog.

 I got this one at Big Lots. They have great trees and so many unique ornaments and decor. If you haven’t been there for Christmas decor go check it out!

The first thing to do is set your tree up and fluff it. Fan out the branches to its fullest. This may take awhile but it is the most important step! Your tree will look grande and full. Then hang the lights if you don't have a pre-lit tree.

Next choose a theme or colors you want to incorporate into your tree. For this tree I’m doing stars and the colors navy, gold, silver and copper. You can do a traditional red and green or do something more trendy! It’s totally up to you on this one, this is where you can get creative!

The ribbon is the next element. I like to run the ribbon down the tree weaving in and out of branches in strips. I don’t go straight down I like to curve it a little bit back-and-forth. Using wired thick ribbon works best. You can pinch a branch around the ribbon to stay in place.

This gold and silver wire tinsel ribbon I bought at Michaels. I used 2 rolls on a 6ft tree. 

Ornaments are the main attraction....

I bought all these at Walmart, At Home and Big Lots. Pick the colors of your choice and start with the largest ornaments first. Big ornaments can be nestled back in the branches. Mixing shapes, sizes and textures is what gives your tree character and balance. I usually do one type of ornament at a time so you can balance out were each type of ornament is on the tree.  Keep adding and adding ornaments until there are no blank spots!  

Then I added sticks of berry sprigs all around the tree to give it some dimension.

Final step is the topper. You can top it with anything- bells, angel or the traditional star. I used more berry sticks around the top of the tree and then placed the star on top.


Finally you can sit back and enjoy the masterpiece you created.

Now it is time to start the craziness of the holiday season-shopping, baking and spreading Christmas cheer!


Happy Holidays!


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