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If you had said these words to me a year ago I would have had no idea what you were talking about.  I thought that IF stood for fertility problems.  Fast forward to early January and everything changed.  My husband asked me if I would be interested in doing this challenge with him and like a crazy woman I said sure!  He entered an 8 week contest where they were following the “KETO” diet.  The big incentive was that he could possibly win $2,000. 

So we began to research and study everything we could about the Keto diet. I was scared to death after I read through all of the guidelines and suggestions.  Things like NO SUGAR – NO DAIRY- NO FLOUR!  I thought that there was NO way I could go without eating sugar.  I love sweets and candy.  No flour?  How was I supposed to eat bread with no flour?  No dairy?  What was I going to eat with my cereal?  Needless to say, I was quickly regretting my “Yes” answer to doing this with my husband.  However, we started this journey together on the morning of January 14th.  I made sure to meal prep on Sunday so I would have everything I needed for lunch and snacks at work.  I started the IF (intermittent fasting) on Day #1 as well.  I was like if I am going to do this then I am starting full force on Day #1.  After the 3rd day I felt better already!  It was so unbelievable.  How in the world could I feel better in just 3 days? But I did feel better, much better!  I should also mention that I joined a gym and got a personal trainer.  When I decided that January 14th would be the first day of the rest of my life that was what I meant.  I still had so many questions and looked for guidance and suggestions everywhere.  I was still so confused about some of the information.  However, with that said, I only told a couple of people that I was doing this.  I didn’t want everyone “watching” me through this journey. 

Let’s jump to the beginning of March.  My husband had lost 46 pounds and won the $2,000 challenge at his gym.  I had not weighed once since January 14th and was so anxious.  I went to my doctor just to weigh myself and learned that I had lost 30 pounds.  I was crazy excited!  I have been working hard ever since and yes, I have had sugar and days where I ate way more than 20g of carbs, but I have also lost a total of 87 pounds so far, and I am still exercising and eating right.  Interestingly, I find now that sugar makes me sick so I try to stay away as much as I can.  I have also finally learned after so many years of yo-yo dieting that carbs are what work against me.  Now that I have my carb intake under control, I rarely ever have cravings for food.  There are so many other milestones that have happened during this journey. For example, I stopped drinking Diet Coke.  I also discovered that I actually really enjoy working out!  I would have never started this journey without my husband and cannot thank him enough for continuing to be my cheerleader.  My friends and family are so supportive, and I appreciate that tremendously. 



I am providing the following information in the hopes that it can serve as an initial resource to start this journey to a “New You”!

This is a Facebook group that has helped me more than I can even explain.

  • I have spent countless hours researching “keto foods” on the internet.  One of the things I didn’t mention in the blog is that I do not eat vegetables (except green beans) or salad. 
  • If you try hard enough you should be able to find low carb options at any restaurant.  That way you can still go out and eat socially.
    • Mexican Restaurants – fajitas with no shells
    • Breakfast Places – EASIEST place to eat.  There are so many egg options.
    • American Food places – hamburgers, steak, chicken and seafood (Be careful with sides and sauces)
    • Chipotle and Café Rio are super easy as well just order meat and cheese with no shells.
  • Alcohol?  Use sugar free flavor packets to flavor your water then add a shot of vodka.  I literally just learned this. 
  • Chaffles are delicious and easy to make.  There are a zillion versions and a zillion web sites that have recipes.  This just happens to be one that I liked.


This is a ton of information, and I am not a doctor, nurse, nutritionist or anyone in the medical field.  I am also no expert; I am just someone trying to figure out this thing called life and eating better has helped me feel like a million bucks.


~ Sarah Case

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