Not So Scary - Tips & Thoughts!

Not So Scary - Tips & Thoughts!

This past Friday we went to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party at Disney for our 8th time!  We are big fans! It is no secret that we are Disney fans in general but really we also really do enjoy the special events.  Last year we went to both Not So Scary & Very Merry as I was totally sure that last year was our last year of both girls believing and wanted to include it before that. This year we let the girls pick which one they wanted to go to and they choose Not So Scary far above the other -- just in case you are debating between the two.  They are very similar, the only difference I believe is the treats they give out - Not So Scary obviously LOTS and LOTS of candy and Very Merry is cookies, hot cocoa and cider! 

Anyway, a few years ago my mom and sister started joining us for our Not So Scary event and we all look forward to it each year!  Once you purchase a ticket you can get into the parks at 4pm and then the party starts at 7pm.  This is where they make all the other guests exit the park and the lines begin to get shorter.  You will find people in all kinds of attire - kids dressed up, families in themed costumes, matching shirts and just regular clothes.  We have always opted for the matching shirts as it tends to be hot when we go! 

We usually grab dinner on our way down to the parks or grab something quick when we get there! We like to hit all the candy stops and the rides which normally  have longer wait time rides.  My biggest tips are about the parades, fireworks and rides! 

There are two Boo to You Parades one at 9:15pm and one at 11:15pm.  I suggest that you hit the longer wait rides during the first parade.  When I say longer wait it is still shorter than normal on any other day.  The longest ride wait I saw all night was 50 minutes for Peter Pan, Mine Train was 45 minutes.  If you ride during the first parade, I suggest you then make your way to an area behind the castle for the fireworks at 10:15pm.  We sit on the little benches they have between the carousel and heading into the Ariel area and feel that is the best place for the most amazing firework display they put on! The fireworks start at 10:15pm and you'll hear announcements leading up to them starting. 

After the fireworks are over usually half of our party goes and grabs a seat for the 11:15pm parade.  This year Jordyn was super brave and went on Space Mountain for the first time and we grabbed seats!  We like to head down Main Street toward the exit and try to get a front row seat.  We head out of the park after the parade is over so like to be by the exit and follow the parade out and head to our car! 

One of my favorite parts about the special event parties are the special characters you get to take pictures with!  This time we took pics with the seven dwarfs and Cruella De Vil. 

They are such GOOD characters -- so fun!  Sleepy was falling asleep with everyone while taking pictures keeping us entertained.  Cruella's keeper kept telling everyone that she was busy looking for puppies and she just wondered around.  So great! 

If you have considered one of the Disney special event parties our family highly suggests the Mickey's Not So Scary party -- we all give it a thumbs up! 



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