Peleton -- His & Her Review...

His Review..

Like most of America, Jackie and I have had our share of in-home exercise equipment over the years ranging from a stationary bike to a treadmill. Despite going in with good intentions each time to catapult ourselves into a world of fitness, they quickly became an additional spot in the house to hang clothes more so than a place to burn calories. Fast forward several years and some improvements in technology (and marketing) and we began thinking about going all in on the Peloton bike. After doing some research and talking to some folks who owned them already, we decided to take the plunge.

We got the bike late last year and are still committed and pedaling away as we near 1 year with the bike. Jackie and I have very different preferences on the bike in regards to the instructors, but just having it in the house and seeing her commitment to it has really helped me to stay engaged. We love their catalog of content and the varieties of instructors, music and classes.

I’ve tried to ride with several of the instructors including Ally, Hannah, Denis, Emma, Jenn, Jess, Kendall, Robin, Tunde, Jennifer and Olivia. My favorite instructor by far is Olivia and the reason is simple – she never stops pedaling! If I’m going to be on the bike and giving it all I have in the tank for the ride I’d prefer not to have the person leading the session to stop and dance or tell me how hard it is while they are standing there shouting at me to keep my cadence up and increase my resistance. I recently completed by 100th ride and celebrated with a live ride where I got my shout out from Olivia – which is comparable to a celebrity calling you up on a special day and congratulating you! It was super fun and I’m enjoying all that comes with the bike – feeling better about my health with much more regular exercise, a cool community that Peloton creates and some competition and fun along the way.

So the question that everyone asks – is it worth it? There is no way around it, it’s expensive. You have to pay for the bike and you add on the monthly media package. Is it worth it? To us, thus far, it has been. They offer a financing plan if that helps make it more tolerable and you can put a bunch of people on one media package to reduce the costs – but it’s pricey.

For us, this totally falls into the dialogue of what else are you spending money on that isn’t helping you to be healthier? I have seen a bunch of less expensive bikes that you strap a tablet on to or steam the content onto your TV, but I would say go for it. If you want to be a part of what Peloton has created, get the real thing and commit yourself to it. For any reason, if it doesn’t work out I am sure you could sell it for nearly as much as you spent considering what I’ve seen of the 2nd hand market.
Happy pedaling and if you join, let Jackie and I know what your screenname is so we can give you some high 5’s and watch your success.
- Jeremy 

Her Review..

Prior to kids I always had a gym membership and then, well, kids.  On and off I would commit and do 6am classes and then fall off and engaged in that vicious cycle.  When I went to the gym my class of choice was always spinning!  A few years ago I asked for a spin bike from Amazon for my birthday and I used it sometimes but it was hard to be motivated to do it honestly.  Then the commercials for the Peleton started and I was very interested. I am the person that when something is expensive I will say I want it and think about it and then never pull the trigger.  So, Jeremy pulled the trigger and got it for me for Christmas last year.  He ordered it around Thanksgiving and we got it the beginning of December.  (Recently a co-worker of Jeremy's bought and had it delivered the same week).  I hopped on and fell in love.  It is easy, stupid easy honestly.  They set it up for you and all you have to do is click your log on button and find a class you want to take.  Jeremy has tried so many instructors and I tried a few but then I found Cody Rigsby and now I don't deviate.  I just did my century ride last week with him and I would say probably 94 of the rides before that were with him.  I know it is Jeremy's pet peeve that he isn't always peddling but when he isn't he is dancing or relating back to the 90's -- I usually laugh out loud at least once during his classes.  With that said there are SO many instructors -- I just went and counted and there are 18 - so there is sure to be someone you will enjoy working out with. They have some music themed classes, tabata, low endurance, hit & hills and I am sure more.  

The upcoming live cycle schedule

I will say that I do think spinning with this program makes the classes harder for me.   When I did spin at the gym they would say increase your resistance or pedal faster but there was no number.  Granted, I never went to a cycle bar so those studios may be a better comparison.  But, with the peleton the instructor gives you a range -- so, they say at this point of the hill your resistance should be 50-60 and your cadence should be 45-55.  So, you do what you can to get in those zones and they tell you those zones for the entire ride.  

They also give you a leader board -- you can sort it by everyone who has taken the class or who is taking the class right now at the same time as you.  I know Jeremy watches this while he takes classes but it doesn't really motivate me that much.  I watch my best number and always try to beat that number which is sometimes impossible unless you are doing the exact same class.  For example if I did a 45 minute class and my best output was 140 then the next time I do a 45 minute class but it incorporates arms I won't get to that same number.  But, when you can use it, it is motivation for me.  I think it also helps that Jeremy always looks at that too and encourages me to go for the best.  


I know a lot of people don't like the monthly fee but I figure it is like your gym membership that you would otherwise be paying.  There is so much content available with the membership -- all the spin classes with a huge archive, a running program (for both treadmill and outside runs), strength workouts, yoga, meditation, stretching, boootcamp, walking and cardio workouts.  The system is so easy to use even for this non tech girl!  

We have had our bike for just shy of a year and we have each surpassed 100 rides each so I would think it has well paid for itself.   The only two downsides I have found of the bike are -- 1. the water bottle holder broke twice on the bike BUT I call or live chat them online and they send a replacement out right away and Jeremy has replaced it no problem.  2.  The bike doesn't sync with my apple watch.  From reading I think there are apps that you can download that will then let it sync but that is too techy for me - ha!  I just wear my watch and set it to indoor cycle workout when I get started and it works but know that it does bother some people!  

Overall, if we had to do it all over again I totally would in a heartbeat.  I do enjoy it -- it helps me close those rings on the watch, I wouldn't call it enjoyable because it is hard but I don't dread it most days, I can hop on while the girls are in the pool or upstairs playing.  I try to schedule it in to most days and knowing it is right there really helps.  I did a 30 minute class this morning before we headed out and I feel like it provides a good calorie burn too but I am no fitness guru that is for sure. 


Last year, when Jeremy purchased the bike he got the black Friday special which included accessories -- most importantly the shoes.  He ordered the shoes that came with the bike in my size so I have always had them but he did not and I know he would say it is better with the shoes for sure!  In addition, it came with 2 - 3lb weights that go into the rack on the back of the bike, a peleton mat which we have under our bike, ear buds and also a heart rate monitor.  For a while I wore the heart rate monitor but then it didn't seem to be working so well so I stuck with my watch.   If you aren't able to grab the deal I would suggest at least the shoes if you can!  I just got the email that they are offering this same special and a referral code if you are interested.  


So, all of that to say if you have been on the fence we say go for it :) .  If you have been dropping subtle hints to your spouse maybe forward them this!  


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