Reviewing it all -- Rothy's, ImpRess nails, weighted blanket and more.....

Another weekly round up including all kinds of goodies -- a new pair of Rothy's, Kiss nails, a weighted blanket & a travel option for perfumes! What did you buy this week????


A while back I asked if Rohty's were worth the hype and y'all said yes -- since then I have loved the sneakers I bought, a girlfriend has grown quite the collection and I was on the fence on a new pair.  I love the point style that they have but they just didn't seem practical for what I wear on a day to day basis so I snagged the loafer in the spotted print.  I LOVE them -- no blisters, no break in and super comfy -- I am a Rothy's fan.  If you haven't checked them out yet if you use this link you will get $20 off your purchase! 

A cooling weighted blanket

I got this blanket last year for my birthday but I LOVE it.  My oldest has since gotten the same one as well.  For some reason this comes up in conversations a lot and I always tell people it doesn't make me hot (I can only speak for this specific one) and it has helped me so much.  For both my daughter and I it seems as soon as we lay down our minds don't stop and can sometimes cause anxiety for whatever is coming up.  This blanket helps SO much.  I highly recommend it! 

Mini Portable Perfume Refillable bottles

Maybe I am a perfume snob - I don't know - BUT my perfume that I wear doesn't come in a travel size so when we travel I just don't bring any.  Enter this magical contraption and that has now changed.  You take the cap off of your perfume and stick this onto it an pump your perfume into it.  I am so excited about this one and it was just $8 for the set of three. 


For years we had a real Christmas tree but then it fell a few too many times in the middle of the night and we gave up!  So, we have two fake trees and yes we have them up already for the season.  Last year while we were at Lowe's we found these scentcicles that come in different scents and help bring the scent of the real Christmas tree into your house.  This was our favorite scent and when the tree came back out this year it STILL SMELLED.  I searched for some more on Amazon and found them but they do come in a three pack.  We love them & this scent! 

ImPress Nails

My oldest who is 10 has been wearing these on and off since 4th of July when she heard about them from my sister-in-law.  She loves them and they work well for her and always last for at least a week.  One day when we were at school someone asked if she had gel nails and it took me a moment but I laughed -- NO just some press on nails.  Megan has the worst luck with nails -- she has tried gel and dip with no staying power.  A customer came in this week and had these nails on and we started talking about them.  I grabbed a set for Megan to try and so far so good. She has had them on since Tuesday and just today lost one and will tell you that never happens with she pays at a salon.  A huge benefit is they give you extra in the package so you just pop another one if you happen to lose one!  The best part these are like $5-10 depending where you buy them and the pattern.  The cheapest place that I have found is walmart but Amazon is always my go to! 


What are your reviews for the week?!  

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