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So many of us have our favorite people that we follow on Instagram and are influenced by - some of us easier than others (NOT pointing fingers at myself!).  I love following Jen at the Sister Studio and Tara Theuson, but every single day they have something new that we should buy.  I have bought my fair share and think that since we are all friends we need to point each other to the good stuff and keep us away from the fails.  My thought is this would be a Sunday round up — my hope is to get some feedback from you all to include as well.  Please feel free to send over your finds and your review to share with 5,000 of your closest friends :)

This past week on Amazon —-

I bought this Kitchen Sink Squeege because I don’t know about you but when I am done doing the dishes I hate getting everything to the drain - maybe I am doing something wrong.  So, I was influenced when I saw someone using one of these.  I’ll be honest this one didn’t live up to the hype for me.  


The girls did some baking this past week making monster cupcakes and our youngest is allergic to red dye.  It is usually a challenge when it comes to baking but we have found these all natural food dyes that we use and it is a win for everyone.  I will say they are not as bright as regular food dye so the colors are not as vibrant but they still work really well and eliminates our red food dye issue and allows Jordyn to participate in the eating after the baking :) I highly recommend these!

Again, with the red dye allergy some things just aren’t a possibility for Jordyn so when we find alternatives she is so excited.  One thing she does like is candy corn but it has red dye.  So, we found this Yum Earth organic option and it is perfect.  It tastes like what you expect candy corn to taste like.  Again, the color is a little dull so the girls have mentioned that their friend ask if it is old candy corn they are eating.  


This one we got a while back for a vacation we took after the Russolese family told us about it and we borrowed theirs.  It is an ear phone splitter. If you have two kids that want to watch the same thing at the same time on the plane or wherever this will allow them to do just that.  They plug the splitter into the device and then each plug their headphones into the splitter.  This was essential for the girls when they were watching Fuller House on a recent road trip but still use it when they want to watch the same thing.  


This past week in the boutique —

We did some traveling this week so most of my grabs were for what I wanted to wear on our trip! 

I wore this camo tunic on our plane ride heading out and wearing the black version on our way home!  Love this tunic — it has pockets and is the perfect length to wear with leggings!









I recently cleaned out my closet and wasn’t a huge fan of the black booties that I had so I snagged these ones instead — super comfy! 

I was out of town when we released these new circle design sandals but I fully intend on grabbing whichever pair is left in my size when we get back!  


Don't forget to send over your finds -- can be from our store, Amazon, Target wherever!  

Happy Shopping! 

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I completely agree on the Kohler kitchen sink squeegee! I got mine last year and have struggled to make it useful in my world.

Michelle Saxon

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