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So many of us have our favorite people that we follow on Instagram and are influenced by - some of us easier than others (NOT pointing fingers at myself!).  I love following Jen at the Sister Studio and Tara Theuson, but every single day they have something new that we should buy.  I have bought my fair share and think that since we are all friends we need to point each other to the good stuff and keep us away from the fails.  My thought is this would be a Sunday round up — my hope is to get some feedback from you all to include as well.  Please feel free to send over your finds and your review to share with 5,000 of your closest friends :)

This past week on Amazon —-

Charger Organizer

My husband travels a bit for work and with all of his devices he always has several charging cords with him.  His old travel bag broke and he was down to using a ziplock bag so he upgraded himself to this organizer.  So far so good and thought maybe this was a great idea for someone who travels with the upcoming holidays. 

Magnetic Calendar

I feel like most weeks I have a pretty good grip on our weekly schedule but it is weeks like this one that get me.  When you add in daily kindness activities for school, friends coming over, trick or treating at different places along with everything else, I start to get overwhelmed.  If I see it written out it is much easier for me knowing something doesn't get lost in one of the million tabs open in my brain - HA!  This one did come with three pieces and I only use one so there may be a better purchase available depending what piece you are looking for - BUT, of course I was influenced! 

Magnetic Earrings                              Ear cuffs

Years ago, when our oldest lost her first tooth I decided that gifts were a better option than leaving money.  I have no idea why but that is what we decided to do and have done ever since.  This past week my oldest lost a tooth and normally my dear husband would run to Target after bedtime to grab something but this time it happened the same day we headed out of town.  Since we didn't bring the tooth with us it bought me a few days time and Amazon to the rescue.  My oldest is obsessed with getting a second hole so found these fun options for her. She is really enjoying them and has worn them everyday since she got them! The only feedback is regarding the magnetic earrings - it appears you get different sizes but the ones we received were all the same sizes. 

This past week at my favorite place - MMRR :) 

Mad About Plaid Shirt

If you haven't heard our number one selling item is BACK - our plaid shirts.  We and our customers are mad about plaid! These are the perfect shirt.  You can wash and dry them, needs no ironing, perfect for traveling and lightweight for Florida fall.  We love these so of course I had to snag a new one! 

Happy Shopping! 

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