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So many of us have our favorite people that we follow on Instagram and are influenced by - some of us easier than others (NOT pointing fingers at myself!).  I love following Jen at the Sister Studio and Tara Theuson, but every single day they have something new that we should buy.  I have bought my fair share and think that since we are all friends we need to point each other to the good stuff and keep us away from the fails.  My thought is this would be a Sunday round up — my hope is to get some feedback from you all to include as well.  Please feel free to send over your finds and your review to share with 5,000 of your closest friends :)

This past week —-

Liquid IV - hydration multiplier

I am terrible at drinking water, really terrible.  My oldest drinks a good amount of water but she still gets overheated easily and often after a day in the sun she ends up with a headache.  Someone told me about this and it's now a constant order for us because it helps us both!  I take one every time I exercise and Jules always takes it if she is going to be out in the sun!  We have tried two flavors - passion fruit and acai berry.  We all agree that the acai berry is our favorite between the two.  The passion fruit wasn't bad but the girls didn't care for it as much.  


Makeup Brush cleaner

I got something very similar to this with a makeup delivery box I used to get and I think I threw it away in our bathroom remodel.  I loved the one that I had so I got this thinking it was the same -- it was not!  I used it once and for DAYS the bristles on my makeup brushes were coming out all over.  They don't feel the same either.  I would pass on this one! 

Elf Complexion Brush

Since I felt like my makeup brush was ruined from washing it I went on a search for a new one.  The one I had was a mac brush and I LOVED it but didn't want to go to a mac store or pay shipping -- spoiled?!?  I found this one on Target drive up and it had rave reviews and at just $6 so I figured I would give it a try.  I do like it!  It is a litter softer and fluffier than I expected but it is a good brush!  I think I am going to try another one of their brushes to try and get a replacement like the one I had but I would give this brand of brushes two thumbs up! 

Since I work in a store every day :) I am often able to help friends out with grabbing gifts, gift ideas, etc so I thought I would share what came up this week along with the things I snagged for myself! 

Corkcicle Coffee Mug 

A friend of mine bought this for herself a few weeks ago and absolutely loves it. I am not a coffee drinker so can't share my own experience but she uses it everyday.  She is a teacher and doesn't have to reheat her coffee throughout the day anymore.  She loves it so much she picked up two more as gifts for friends this week - I thought that was a HUGE testament!  

 Mudpie Lovey

When my cousin had his first baby I personalized one of these loveys in the older style for her.  Apparently, her baby brother has taken a loving to it and has claimed it as his own.  His favorite part of it is that the inside is completely lined with a silky material making it so super soft.  Huge hit with the littles and a personalized gift is a total win in my book! 

Brumate Slim

Another friend needed a birthday gift this week and asked us to personalize a Brumate slim to go along with a gift card.  I think these are a huge hit these days with the new slimmer canned drinks!  I love giving personalized gifts!  

Happy Shopping! 

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