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Another weekly round up including all kinds of goodies compiled from several people -- a new pair Meyer's cleaning scent, coffee, shaving cream.....

Although it isn’t a “germ killer” it’s definitely a scent remover! After working in the kitchen, wiping down the counters with a cleaner like 409 I always spray this little guy on the counters for an extra wipe down! Makes the house smell like Christmas instantly. If people are coming over with little notice, I wiped down the counters, coffee tables, etc with this quickly and the house smells seasonal and clean with very little effort! Best part is it isn’t overpowering. I love candles, but some seasonal ones can be a bit much! This little cleaner is the perfect quick fix. ~ Becky

We found a complete set with all three cleaning pieces available for you on Amazon HERE!  Just the multi surface cleaner can be found HERE. 


‘Tis the season for amazing coffee...and ice cream!!! Start the morning with a warm cup of this coconut/caramel/vanilla coffee and then end the day with a nice big bowl of the same flavor ice cream!! Check out Publix ads because they occasionally throw it on the BOGO deals, but act fast because they ALWAYS sell out!! ~ Becky

I am sure you can get it cheaper with sales and locally but just in case you can find it on Amazon HERE! 

A shaving cream that smells amazing (the coconut mango scent) and gets a really close shave.  You only need a little bit so it will last a while. It is more like a balm that suds up - not like a normal shaving foam cream.  I got it at Walmart but you can also find it on Amazon HERE.  Two thumbs up ~ Megan

The most comfortable boots for trips in cold or wet areas! These boots came in so handy for our trip to the cold/wet Northwest. They are not too heavy, super comfortable, and really cute with a either leggings or a pair of jeans! We walked 26 miles, I had never worn them before and ended the walks without a single blister or second of discomfort or cold toes (my toes are always freezing). They also aren’t overly warm and could come in handy during our wet rainy days in Florida with lighter socks. (Thanks to my sister who talked me into buying them even though I wasn’t originally sold!) ~ Becky 

We did find these marked down on Amazon HERE! 


At the store I got a couple of clothing items this past week for family pictures and to update some cold weather items!! 








Cowl Neck Sweater            Snakeskin Bubble Top           Leopard Top


These all run true to size and are comfy!  The leopard one is just like the plaid shirt that everyone knows and loves just in a fun new pattern! 

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