Weekly Round Up....

Another weekly round up including all kinds of goodies compiled from several people -- skinny syrups, packing cubes, pajamas!!! 

Skinny Syrups!
Oh my goodness where have these been my whole Keto life?  Someone gave me Skinny Syrups for the first time this fall and they are delicious.  The ones that I have tried are No Sugar, No calories and No carbs!  These are also gluten free, kosher and made in the USA!  You can find them at this web site listed in this review, however, Bealls, Bed, Bath and Beyond,  TJ Maxx and Marshalls also have them.
~ Sarah


Packing Cubes! 

Travel, vacation, new sights, good eats, some R+R and making great memories…. BUT, the packing part. Ugh. I don’t think I have met anyone who loves packing, including myself; until this thing called packing cubes entered into my life. Now let me be clear, you still have to pack (duh!), but the packing cubes help you to “compartmentalize pack.” When you compartmentalize pack you can organize your cubes by day and/or specific clothing. When you arrive at your destination, you take out only what you need instead of having to unravel the entire suitcase. Packing cubes are especially helpful if you’re traveling to multiple destinations.

Packing cubes are great for the whole family. I have a set of packing cubes for each family member and they have their own color. Since the airlines charge fees for extra pieces of luggage, color coding is helpful if two family members share one suitcase.

I purchased these packing cubes on Amazon: https://amzn.to/37xncxr . ~~ Ann

Car Seat Headrest Hangers

These car seat headrest hangers are THE BEST! No more throwing your purse on the car floor or having your purse slide off the seat and having the contents spill all over the place. The hangers easily swivel so you can hang your purse on the front of the passenger seat or on the back. You can find these on Amazon HERE!  ~ Ann


Picture Frame for Holiday Pictures

Last year I had an idea of a way to display past holiday cards our family had sent out in the past.  These clear acrylic frames and I just slip our holiday card in there and put it out with my holiday decorations.  I love to see how our family has changed year to year!  I order the 5x7 size and my card is the perfect fit and then just turn it passed on the photo orientation of the card that year.  One of my favorite pieces of holiday decoration we have! You can find this particular frame on Amazon HERE.

From the BEST store :)

I actually snagged this one before it was in the store for a trip we went on and I love it.  I of course like always wore a Niki Biki tank under it but you can wear it by itself as well.  There are some themes I just love -- stars & camo are two of them :) You can snag this sweater HERE! 

New Peepers arrived this week and everyone that was working when they arrived snagged a new pair.  The new patterns are so pretty!  No matter if you use them for Blue Blocking -- like me, or for a reader these are a great option.  You can find all our new Peepers HERE


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