Weekly Roundup!!

We are back with the weekly round up including all kinds of goodies & gift ideas compiled from several people -- 

My girlfriend texted me that she got this and she gave it two thumbs up -- so funny because I had seen them and wondered if they really fit / worked.  She said no more dropping / losing her phone, fork or airpods.  I am forever dropping my key fob or credit cards down there so I might have to snag this one myself.  She grabbed it from Amazon HERE! 

Our girls pack their lunch every day and Jeremy and I try to as well so that was a lot of ziplock bags we were using and it didn't seem environmentally friendly so I ordered these on Amazon.  They are working out great and we have used them all week with no issues -- we put them in the top rack of the dishwasher each night.  This set comes with a variety of sizes so I guess it depends on what your needs are -- we use more of the smaller size but Jeremy or I use the bigger size when those are gone so it all works out!  The girls haven't had any troubles or forgotten and thrown any out yet :) I found this set HERE on Amazon. 








Here me out for this next one! I saw a blogger do it and hesitated and finally got annoyed enough to try it and I gave a set to Jules and she confirmed it was so much better.  SO, when you are washing your face at night do you get annoyed with the water that runs down your arms???  It is SO annoying to me!  SO, now I put on the wristbands, wash my face and take them back off -- no more wet arms and it makes me happy :) Weird probably but it makes me happy! I ordered the cheapest set I could find on Amazon HERE! 

This next one if you are local or have a Sprouts by you Megan & her son recommend these pickles -- they said they were SO yummy and didn't even last in the house for two days -- so get you some :) 

 Have you bought anything you have loved or hated recently -- send it over to us and we will share it with all our friends :) . 

Hope you have a great week! 


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